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Journeying South: A Message from the VP

Exciting days ahead for the protection of Philippine reefs!   Four years after the successful and historic expedition to the Benham Bank in the Philippine Rise and two years after its legal protection as a marine resource reserve through presidential proclamation, Oceana embarks on another scientific expedition to protect a rich coral site including 17 marine protected areas in Southern Leyte … Read more

Panaon Island Expedition Photo of the Day: October 23, 2020

A member of the Oceana team swims by an isolated tabulate (Acropora) surrounded by the sandy bottom. © Oceana/Danny Ocampo

Scientist Spotlight: Dr. Badi Samaniego

Dive deep into the minds and hearts of our scientists on board MV Discovery Palawan. We are featuring the Expedition Team’s Assessment Leader, Dr. Badi Samaniego, for our maiden issue.   Dr. Badi R. Samaniego   UPLB BS Agriculture (Major in Horticulture) UPLB MS Zoology (Minor in Environmental Science) UPLB PhD Environmental Science   What made you decide to be a marine scientist?   … Read more

Expedition Diaries: October 16-17

October 16: COVID-19 Safety Measures Aboard the Expedition Ship   To ensure everyone’s health and safety aboard the expedition ship (MV Discovery Palawan) bound for Panaon, strict COVID-19 health protocols are being implemented at every stage of the journey. Beforehand, all crew and members of the expedition team have undergone COVID-19 testing procedures. Onboard, regular disinfection procedures … Read more

Panaon Island Expedition Captain’s Log: October 14 to 21, 2020

October 14 (Wednesday)   We were supposed to sail today but the incoming Typhoon Ofel made the team decide to postpone the trip to Friday.   Not disheartened though. My boys were happy that I got to spend another day with them, especially my little boy, Juancho, who has been giving me extra hugs and kisses since … Read more