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Danny’s Dive Diaries: October 30 – November 4, 2020

October 30  Today is a milestone for the expedition as we finally managed to visit and survey all the locally managed MPAs in Panaon Island. Our general impression is that the MPAs are functioning as areas where fish and other marine life are protected which help adjacent and nearby areas in regenerating fish, corals, and other marine life. There are … Read more

Panaon Island Expedition Captain’s Log: October 28 – November 5, 2020

October 28 (Wednesday)   Calm waters again today, perfect for today’s fieldwork. We came back to the southern tip of the island. In Pintuyan, some outriggers came near our ship. They were curious. It would have been nice to really visit the barangay captains for courtesy calls but this pandemic has made courtesy calls an impossibility.   I was … Read more

Panaon Expedition Diaries Part 3

For the 9th day of the expedition, the team went on several dives for a detailed survey of the coral population in Panaon. They had a few things to say on what they saw.  What looks like a love declaration on Valentine’s Day is actually the result of nightly chemical warfare for space on the reef … Read more

Panaon Island Expedition Photo of the Day: October 31, 2020

Submassive coral surrounded by a harem of Red-cheeked fairy basslets (Pseudanthias huchtii). © Oceana/Danny Ocampo

Protecting Those Who Protect Our Seas

Planning the safety and health protocols was crucial to making the Panaon expedition possible. Let’s learn how measures were kept in place and followed strictly through Dr. Marisse Nepomuceno, medical consultant for the safety of the expedition team against COVID-19 threats.  Is this your first time supporting an expedition? If yes, how is it different from other situations where you provide … Read more

What are Corals?

  This post was written by Alvin Simon, Oceana Marine Scientist. Corals are living organisms; in fact, they are colonies of animals that build up most reefs. They are made up of hundreds to thousands of tiny creatures called polyps. These polyps excrete calcium carbonate which surrounds their soft bodies and create the rock-like structure … Read more

Danny’s Dive Diaries: October 18-27, 2020

October 18  Excited for my first dive in Panaon Island. We have with us a team of scientists who will do the coral and fish survey. They are known for their work in the field for gathering data to support the establishment and management of marine protected areas. We also have with us a documentation team composed of well-known underwater photographers, videographers, and … Read more

Scientist Spotlight: Dr. Vic Ticzon

Dive deep into the minds and hearts of our scientists on board MV Discovery Palawan. For our second issue, we are featuring the Expedition Team’s coral reef specialist, Dr. Vic Ticzon.  Dr. Victor S. Ticzon BS Biology, University of the Philippines – Los Baños MS Environmental Science, University of the Philippines – Los Baños PhD Marine Science, University of the Philippines – Diliman   What made you decide to be a marine scientist?   I have logged … Read more

Expedition Diaries Part 2

  Biophysical Assessment: The Reefs of Panaon  Coral reefs are home to 25% of all marine species. Under certain conditions, corals can live on indefinitely but they are sensitive to global warming. It also leads to coral bleaching which is a result of the sudden temperature change in the water. If the trend of global coral destruction continues, it is estimated that coral reefs may … Read more

Panaon Island Expedition Captain’s Log: October 22 to 27, 2020

October 22 (Thursday)   When the team came up after their dive, I was delighted to hear them said that Panaon is their favorite site, so far. They were so happy with the diversity of corals in the area.  October 23 (Friday)   Today was a perfect day to dive. Sunny. Very calm waters. Light breeze.   We started in Barangay Punta’s sanctuary. There were a few small fishing boats … Read more