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October 23, 2020

Expedition Diaries: October 16-17

October 16: COVID-19 Safety Measures Aboard the Expedition Ship  

To ensure everyone’s health and safety aboard the expedition ship (MV Discovery Palawan) bound for Panaon, strict COVID-19 health protocols are being implemented at every stage of the journey. Beforehand, all crew and members of the expedition team have undergone COVID-19 testing procedures. Onboard, regular disinfection procedures are strictly enforced. Other health measures are also practiced such as hand sanitation, wearing of masks, and social distancing. 

There are constant reminders all over the ship as well as sanitation stations. 

Dive equipment, which is vital to the expedition, is also regularly disinfected and sensitive parts such as the regulators are sealed using Ziploc bags before use. 

October 17: Panaon Island Expedition Planning Activities  

Leading the expedition is Dr. Badi R. Samaniego who has a doctorate in environmental science. A seasoned marine scientist, Badi has done extensive research on reef fish ecology and marine protected areas. He has embarked on research expeditions to the Galapagos Islands, Coral Triangle, French Polynesia, and the British Indian Ocean Territory. For the 22-day Panaon expedition, Dr. Badi and his team will be assessing corals, seagrass, and fish using scientific survey methods.