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Video: Without Fish We Are Nothing

On Tuesday, Gloria Estenzo Ramos, Oceana’s Vice President for the Philippines, invited Oceana Wavemakers to “meet Robert.” Robert Makinano depends on healthy oceans. Every day, this Filipino fisherman sets his hand-mended nets to catch fish to feed his family. If he’s lucky, he might even catch enough to sell at the local market. But with … Read more

Recent Articles on Overfishing in the Philippines Shed Light on Oceana’s ‘Save the Oceans, Feed the World’ Campaign

Scientists, divers and ocean enthusiasts alike all know that the Philippines, a nation of over 7,100 islands, is a marine biodiversity powerhouse. Teeming with rich coral, vibrant fish, and extremely rare creatures like the dwarf sperm whales, scientists hail this region as the “epicenter of marine biodiversity.” It makes sense, then, that Filipinos live off their … Read more

Protection of PHL seas needed to sustain fisheries, NGOs say

The two-day symposium served as the launching activity of the Philippine office of Oceana, the largest international organization focused exclusively on restoring the world’s oceans. It gathered stakeholders from the government, civil society, and business to discuss reform proposals and share best practices in sustaining fisheries. Dennis Calvan, executive director of NGOs for Fisheries Reform, cited … Read more

Oceana Philippines supports closed fishing season in Visayan Sea

BFAR Director Asis Perez said the ban started on Saturday, November 15, and will end in February to coincide with the highest spawning season for sardines. At the Tapatan forum on Monday, November 17, Asis clarified that the ban does not apply to municipal fishers, who can still catch these species for personal consumption and … Read more

Oceana Kicks off Launch in the Philippines with Conference on Rebuilding Fisheries

When you think of the Philippines, you likely think of its vibrant coral reefs, crystal-clear ocean water, and beautiful beaches. Culturally, it’s a nation built upon the ocean’s bounty, where it’s estimated that there are over 1.3 million small-scale fishers and 8 million people rely on the country’s fisheries for their livelihood. Despite that massive … Read more

Stricter Laws, Fish Catch Reporting Tackled In Oceana Philippines’ Fisheries Symposium

“We are doing this to protect our people,” said Atty. Asis Perez, National Director of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), who noted that 70% of the protein requirement of Filipinos comes from fish. The two-day symposium, which is discussing the theme “The road to sustainable fisheries governance,” is the launching activity of the Philippine office … Read more

Oceana Launches In the Philippines; Aims to Curb Overfishing and Rebuild Stocks

Oceana, the largest international organization focused exclusively on restoring the worlds oceans, is proud to announce the launch of its Philippine operation, which is led by Vice President Atty. Gloria “Golly” Estenzo Ramos. The international marine conservation organization is hosting a national symposium on fisheries – „The road to sustainable fisheries governance” – November 3 … Read more