Gregory Yan

Communications Director
Oceana Staff

Gregg Yan is an award-winning advocacy communicator who led the Communications and Media Unit of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in the Philippines. He investigates various ecological and anthropological issues, having written stories for books, broadsheets, journals and magazines.

Outside WWF, he led the Best Alternatives Campaign, mentors emerging leaders through the ASEAN Youth Leaders Association and develops innovative communication strategies via the Asia Pacific Association of Communication Directors. In 2013, he was awarded by Reader’s Digest Asia as one of the most trusted people in the Philippines.

Greg is an Award-winning photographer whose images have been used by National Geographic, Discovery Channel, CNN, ARKIVE, the Scientific American and other top media groups.  He is a seasoned presenter with over 150 successful public speaking engagements on a diverse range of topics, ranging from communications to conservation.  He spearheaded Earth Hour Philippines media initiatives from 2008 to 2016, generating $5 million in exposure from Earth Hour 2012 alone, and made the Philippines the world’s top Earth Hour country, besting 151 other nations in 2012.

Greg is recipient to other various awards, such as Advocacy Communicator of the Year, Asia Pacific Insider Business Awards 2016 and Special Recognition for Writing, Foundation for the Philippine Environment, 2015.